Wall Systems & Design Assist

The ultimate in flexible design

Wall Systems & Design Assist

Does your commercial or industrial flat roof need repairs? We can help.

We can support the final stages of construction with the highest quality architectural wall systems. Architectural wall systems provide a weather-tight exterior building structure with exceptional thermal performance for northern B.C. winters.

Reduce your energy bills

Durable Wall systems

Our durable wall systems save your business money by reducing energy bills. They also create a stable building environment which means lower maintenance for many years to come. The right exterior cladding protects your building and extends its lifespan, and at the same time, creates a stunning enhancement of the architectural design.

Profiled steel cladding systems

insulated or uninsulated

Flush panel

concealed fasteners (on-site production with our portable roll-forming equipment)

Aluminum composite panel systems
Preformed insulated panel systems
AL13 architectural panel systems
Other specialty wall systems available
CNC technology for efficient fabrication

AR-Fusion Panels

AR-Fusion Panels are made with lightweight aluminum composite material and high-quality aluminum extrusions. Do we need to say more here?

Our expert team at Admiral Roofing uses CNC technology for efficient fabrication, paying close attention to project details during programming and nesting. This approach optimizes panel usage, reduces waste, and potentially lowers project costs, resulting in a professional, clean, and attractive aesthetic.

For new construction and renovation projects

Design Assist

Architects, engineers, and others within the industry increasingly look for assistance in designing roofing systems. That’s why we work closely with construction managers at the design stage. Establishing the optimum roof design prior to a bid ensures compliance with the building’s needs, codes, and roof warranty requirements.

Years of Experience and Deep Technical Expertise

The Admiral team brings years of experience and deep technical expertise. We provide the tools to effectively control your budget and assure that our customers get the best roofing system for their project. Our team can improve your project by finding ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality or function. We work with you to carefully analyze different components and find the most efficient solutions at a lower cost.

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